Ziarat Balochistan, best place to visit

Ziarat Balochistan, best place to visit

Ziarat is capital of Ziarat district in Balochistan province, from Quetta, a provincial capital, it is about 130 kilometers. It is a beautiful hill station and very famous for Quid-e-Azam (Founder of Pakistan) residency. The entire valley is blessed with lush green Juniper forest, cold weather even when there is hot summer all over the country, high mountains and astounding scenic views. Along with other tourist spots in Balochistan, Pakistan, Ziarat is the best place to visit.

A great number of tourist visit Ziarat every year. Especially on religious and national holidays like Eid festive, national day, independence day etc there is a great rush of tourists.

Along with so many natural and beautiful sceneries, easy access through highway from Quetta is a major factor that attracts the tourists to visit the valley. Main Jinnah road of the valley has most of the important government and military resorts, rest houses and buildings and also known as the red zone.

Weather & Clothing: As above mentioned Ziarat is a hill station. It is pretty cool in summer and enough snowfall during the winter season. Beautiful weather is major reason of rising tourism in Pakistan. So if you are visiting in summer, light woolen cloths but if in winter heavy cloths with extra sweaters & jackets are recommended.

Quid-e-Azam Residency

One of the most visited and important points in Ziarat is Quid-e-Azam residency. This is a wooden structured building where father of nation spent last 2 months and 10 days of his life. This building was constructed during the British Raj in 1982. It is a national heritage and monument site in Pakistan. The wooden part of the building was badly damaged in 2013 due to a terrorist attack and later it was rehabilitated in 2014. Since then the building is open for all to visit.

Juniper Forest & Orchards

World’s second largest forest of Juniper trees, also known as Sanober is in Ziarat. These trees are considered oldest trees on the earth. Very slow growth, about one inch in a year, is the specialty of these trees and as per rough estimation age of a mature Juniper tree in Ziarat may exceed 5000 years. These are called “living fossils” among local peoples. A great number of local & international tourists visit these forests and tourism industry of Pakistan is growing because of these ancient forests. Now to replace Juniper trees, due to very slow growth, research is being carried out. Other than Juniper forest, a wide area is of Ziarat is occupied by Orchards. World’s best& delicious apples are grown in Balochistan, Pakistan.

Prospect Point Ziarat

About 6 kilometers from Ziarat, Prospect point is situated. It is also known as Nari Sar among locals. It presents a panoramic view of the valley. This is the highest point in the valley which can be reached by car but a walk is recommended to reach here to enjoy the natural beauty of the valley. It is about 7600 feet above the sea level. The highest peak of the valley, Khilafat (about 11,400 feet altitude) can be seen from a nearby cliff. Due to such amazing peaks & valleys & its rich culture tourism industry of Pakistan is growing day by day.

There is a lot more to explore the natural beauty of Ziarat & a great attraction for trekkers. Chashma walk is also a very pleasant & peaceful experience. Chashma is the main water source for the town. With the growing tourism industry of Pakistan, facilities for tourists are also increasing.

Hope this article will help you to plan your next trip and if you know anything else about Ziarat, please write down in comments.


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