Turkey: The Country of Historical and Natural Beauty

Turkey: The Country of Historical and Natural Beauty

Situated in the core of the Eurasian state, Turkey is a huge nation favored with delightful nature, prominent touristic places, historical attractions and archeological destinations, remarkable traditions and customs, extraordinary culture, sprouting economy and territorial significance. As a cross-country Eurasian nation, Turkey shares main boundaries to nations from EU, the Caucasus and the Middle East, which brings numerous chances and advantages for the state.

Turkey is the country where two continents congregate, in spite of the regrettable occasions in the ongoing time, is as yet one of the most loved and most visited places in the world and among travelers from around the globe. This isn’t hard to comprehend, since it is one of those spots with shocking view and rich notable heritage where you can feel the blend of old and current culture where the travelers are searching for amazing coastlines, remote shorelines or radiant sustenance. In case you’re arranging a tour to Turkey at any point in the near future, that will be a best choice for the memorable traveling for once life.

The History

The Republic of Turkey was established after the defeat of Sultan Mehmet VI Vahdettin by the new Republican Parliament in 1922. This new government delivered the coup de grâce to the Ottoman state which had been almost wiped away from the world map after the World War I. The modern era of Turkey started from 1923 from the national hero Mustafa Kamal, who was later privileged with the title “Ataturk”, or “Father of the Turks.”

Turkey is the most historical place as compare to other countries in the world with countless societies which had populated these areas thousands of years ago. Greeks, Romans, Hittites, Byzantines, Ottomans, Mongols and numerous other old societies have left their memory spots on the contemporary Turkey, existing these days by art, craft and architecture.

The old Greek city of Ephesus, the rough countryside of Cappadocia and the amazing design tourist spots of Istanbul, for example, the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Dolmabahce Palace Hagia Sophia and so on are only an essence of all the historical extravagance of Turkey.

The Turkish Food

The worldwide famous cousin of Turkey truly deserves its recognition. From the rich Turkish breakfast, the most common preparations are frying and grilling, which produce the famous kebabs and meat balls to the brilliant Turkish deserts, the Turkish food is famous for the unique recipes and delicious dishes. Though based on mutton and lamb meat dishes, Turkish cuisine includes all sorts of seafood and chicken as well as beef on demand.

The Turkish People and Culture

The Turkish people are significantly found very helpful and friendly and most hospitable nations in the world and offers a wide range of activities. The worldwide travelers will never leave the country without being offered to take the popular Turkish tea and espresso at least once. The historic towns such as Troy, Konya, Tarsus, Ephesus, and many others symbolize a venture into the past, culture and lifestyle of the ancients.

The golden-sand seashore, quiet ports, the environment of Turkey and night-clubs are wonderful for water sports, hiking, rafting, biking, climbing, skiing and having fun. Enjoy a beer or a wineglass of raki in a bar in Istanbul, Antalya, Kusadasi, or Bodrum and listen to their stories. Simply enjoy Turkey!

The Mediterranean Resorts

The Turkish southwestern resorts are the most prominent travel places and consistently the Mediterranean expense of the nation is visited by noteworthy number of vacationers, pulled in by the great sweltering summer Mediterranean atmosphere, lovely nature and historical areas, lavish inns and luxury service. As the largest sea resort “Antalya” and the longest beach “ Patara” of Turkey has been top selected tourist areas for worldwide travelers, considering the touristic city the 3rd most visited by international tourists destination for past few years in the history of travel and tourism. Consistently a large number of travelers visit the Turkish Riviera city of Antalya.

Turkey is the place where modern and conventional hold of each other and make one fascinating yet lavish travel experience for its travelers. The antiquated historical landmarks and sights differentiate the cutting edge structures, making one exceptionally special feeling of timelessness.

Deservedly, Turkey dependably shows up on the highest point of the rundowns for “must-see” travel places and a huge number of tourists visit the state consistently demonstrating the importance of the wealth of the Turkish touristic experience.

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