Travel to Kartarpur: The Corridor Opens for Sikh Pilgrims

Travel to Kartarpur: The Corridor Opens for Sikh Pilgrims

The Kartarpur way of access to Gurdwara is about to be accomplished and opened well on November 23 2019, earlier than the 550th birth anniversary of the Sikh guru. It will endow with the year-round visa-free right of entry to Sikh pilgrims from India after seven decades almost. The fenced crossing travel called a “Corridor of Peace” will connection Indian border city “Dera Baba Nanak”, to “Gurdwara Darbar Sahib”, the final resting place of Sikhism’s founder Guru Nanak in Punjab province of Pakistan.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr Imran Khan led an inventive ceremony on Wednesday for a new border crossing with doorway rival India; days after New Delhi proclaimed it would support a corridor to make possible its minority Sikh society to visit one of their holiest places across the border.

After laying the foundation stone in his speech, Khan said: “Pakistan and India have both made mistakes in the past but they now need to work together to improve ties.”

Further, Prime Minister said,

“War is out of question between our two countries, which are equipped with nuclear weapons. It will be really crazy for both of them to even think about going to war,” the Pakistani leader warned. “Our countries must stop the blame game. If France and Germany can leave their bloody past behind why can’t India and Pakistan break the shackles of the past.”

A delegation of India led by the cricketer turned politician Mr Navjot Singh Sidhu have indoors in Pakistan on Tuesday through Wahgah border to be present at the opening ceremony of Kartarpur Corridor.

The communities of both the countries are showing their support to this resolution and hopeful about it will further make stronger the ties between India and Pakistan.

If travellers want to travel Kartarpur, as a place to visit and explore more about this place, then it will be the best choice. Some of the places contain historical background like Jalandhar, Devi Talab Mandir, Villa Buena Vista, Pushpa Gujral Science City, Shiv Mandir, Haveli Khajoorla, etc.

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