Travel to Explore Rama Meadows in Pakistan

Travel to Explore Rama Meadows in Pakistan

If you ever plan to visit a place having white water streaming in the river, super cold and drain, pine trees, cows and sheep munching in a peaceful environment, Chongra’s ice-shrouded crest in the background, and southern edge of Nanga Parbat is in view, at that point you are presumably in Rama Meadow.

Located near to Astore in Gilgit-Baltistan, Rama Valley is considered as a standout amongst the loveliest valleys in Pakistan. Including streaming green meadows, outstanding trees and sprouts, an unblemished lake, mountain vistas and a peaceful atmosphere, you will observe Rama Meadows is a completely perfect place to visit in the world.

Rama Meadows is just like a dream place that will make you become fascinated and love with it. Regardless of whether you are a family hoping to fraternize, an introvert looking for peacefulness and harmony or a couple on a sentimental withdraws, the Rama Meadows is an ideal place to visit, travel to explore the beauty of Pakistan and make your traveling memorable.

For what it’s worth, Rama Lake is around 10800 feet (3300 meters) above sea level, mostly in a year the area covers of snow. Just in late spring, the valley demonstrates its actual magnificence. From Rama Meadows, you can trek to the east side of the Nanga Parbat (known as the Killer Mountain), which is the eighth highest mountain in the world.

Rama Lake

The road to the lake, inside the Astore Valley, is exasperating and rocky. Starting from Astore, also spelt Astor, a city and the capital of Astore District, the drive is 13.3 km long. Suppose a couple of hours drive. This track passes through isolated areas, so you need to be equipped before starting your trip. Mobile signals response is very pathetic. The weather conditions are mostly cold all along the year.

Here are some of the specifications of Rama Meadow listed below:

  • The valley is prospering with immense trees of pine, juniper, cedar, and fir. Nonetheless, because of ongoing deforestation, there has been an extensive loss of forest area
  • Snow-capped woodlands rule the region. Countless plants are local to Rama Meadows
  • In summer, the valley turns green making it a sublime spot for picnics and touring
  • Rama Lake is around 9kilometers from the valley of Astore
  • The wild, an exquisite super cold lake and new breeze can stir anybody’s detects
  • A perspective of the town of Choungrah through which you can reach Rama Lake
  • The meadows as of now have two motels; one in recent times built by Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) and the other by the Forest division
  • Evening time at Rama Meadows, Sleep under the starry-lit skies and look at the Milky Way
  • Dynamite nightfall over Nanga Parbat
  • From here, explorers and adventure travelers can discover numerous treks and courses prompting the Killer Mountain

Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) is one suggested staying place just like home. In case if you are searching for some adventures, you can choose outdoor camping as well. It is a fun movement at such a thrilling spot. Around evening time twinkling stars make an incredible view. Other than climbing and outdoors you can basically appreciate taking a gander at the truly amazing scenes. The local individuals of Rama Village are also well disposed and helpful. You can see the grins on their lighthearted appearances.

Rama Meadows is an ideal place to have some alone time and directly connect with the natural world. The ceaseless scenes, delightful trails, thick backwoods and calm environment can be found and explore. While arranging your trek to northern territories of, Rama Meadows is one detect that is not to be missed. Acclaim nature while taking a gander at a portion of my mutual recollections from your vocational trip to Rama Meadows.

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