Top 7 Free things to Enjoy in New York

Top 7 Free things to Enjoy in New York

Are vacation almost there at your door and your still do not have a plan? Or have your run out of a solid budget this year around for a great vacation? Well do not let the family be ditched out of their fun due to small issues. Get a plan fixed rest can be taken care of. All you need is to know where to go and enjoy to the fullest. How about a vacation in New York? Its pretty sure that you almost have a rough sketch of the city that never sleeps and is the other name of joy. Between those sophisticated images of the city, New York also has a side to it that is pocket friendly and almost needs no expenditure. It has an enormous list of place that you can choose to drop by and have unlimited fun and an opportunity of getting to know the city better as well.

Here is a list of 7 things that you can do for free In New York

  1. Take the High Line

Take the High Line

This lane along Gansevoort Street takes people along the parts of the city less visited through its curved pathway. It gives you a specific feel as most parts of the area are old or out of use rails that have now been turned into public parks for people to enjoy their free time at. If you want to enjoy free guided tours across the place then choose a Tuesday or a Saturday to enjoy for free.

  1. MoMa (Museum of Modern Art)

Take the High Line

If you are an art lover, then not visiting the grand art galleries in New York is a must. This art gallery sure has a taste to itself. The best part is one can get a UNIQLO sponsored visit into the art gallery on every Friday evening between 4 pm to 8 pm. The museum has a wide collection of art pieces that are on display all across the place. In order to enjoy the art works one should choose visit early to avoid unwanted crowd that keeps growing as the evening falls.

  1. Central Park the heart of New York

Central Park the heart of New York

We surely have not forgotten the beloved park of city that is a part of every small and big New York Trip. Being the center of the city it attracts many but never makes one feel to be stuck in the crowd. The beauty of the sprawling park is sure to make to feel as if being on bliss earth that has all the peace once may wish for, exactly in middle of one of the busiest cities.

  1. The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge

Take a walk on this bridge to come across the most beautiful fronts of the city. A walk almost a mile long would let you go gaga on the sites that you get to see along your way, the statue of Liberty that the world admires, the World Trade Center, the Empire State Building and much more. You can cover all of that just in a few hours of brisk walking and taking all of it into your very existence.

  1. Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Amidst the hassle of the noisy city life, why not take a tour along the nature side? It is not a bad idea right? After all who doesn’t love nature. Choose a Saturday or probably a Tuesday to take a free tour of the garden that has explicit collection of flowers in its enormous gardens. The ponds and gardens in this place bring the sleeping poet in you out on a tour.

  1. Fashion Institute of Technology’ Museum

Fashion Institute of Technology’ Museum

Now as the name same say it all for itself, it is all about the world of fashion, Shoes, clothes, accessories and what not, it has it all. One can surely day dream of having a pair of those well crafted shoes and walk of the red carpet, while exploring the nuances of the fashion world. Not just this generation, but some of the collections date back to as old as the 5th century.

  1. The Cathedral Church of St. Joseph the Divine

The Cathedral Church of St. Joseph the Divine

It is not just about the religious attraction, the cathedral is an emblem of beauty in itself. It is world’s largest cathedral standing with its head held high for more than a century now. The official tour into the cathedral might cost you a bit, but due to regular offering, visitors are allowed to stop by and enjoy the exotic view of different cultures and historical edicts in there.

With so many highly attractive tourist locations to visit and free experience to gain, you surely cannot drop your idea to visit New York and have a lot of fun. There are even more activities that you can do in your trip to New York. The sprawling beauty of the place, spiced with the art and culture would definitely compel you to visit New York once again.

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