Top 5 Tourist Points to Visit in Islamabad - Pakistan

Top 5 Tourist Points to Visit in Islamabad - Pakistan

One of the world’s most beautiful capitals is Islamabad, capital of Pakistan. It is surrounded by high mountains, greenery, and beautiful Lake. It has a great attraction for the tourists from all parts of the country and around the world as well. There are many tourist points in the city to make your tour memorable but here we are recommending you the top 5 places to visit in Islamabad, even you have too less time.

1.    Lok Virsa Museum of Pakistan

When you are in Pakistan, definitely you are curious to know about its inhabitants, their culture, lifestyle, traditions and also about their history. So, here is the best place to know about all of this because Lok Virsa is all about culture and heritage of peoples, living in different part of the country. All this is shown through photographs, statues and pottery and you will be surprised to visit here because you will know almost everything without reading anything. This museum is one of the best museums of Pakistan and also the best place to visit in Islamabad.

2.    Faisal Masjid

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Islamabad, Pakistan is Faisal Masjid. King of the Saudi Arabia, Faisal bin Abdul Aziz financed this project so it was named after him. Normal mosques are designed in tomb shape, but its design is unique like a desert Bedouin’s tent. The architect of the building is a piece of art and reflect sight of South Asian Islamic Architecture. Beautiful Margalla hills behind the mosque increase the charm and attraction of the mosque. It presents a stunning scenic view of the Masjid and make it more prominent for the visitors from around the world.

3.    Monal Restaurant

Any tour is incomplete if you have not enjoyed the food. To make your visit more memorable and add some taste, we are introducing you to the amazing Monal Restaurant. As you hike up from Daman-e-Koh (a hill station over Margalla hills), you will reach to Monal Restaurant. Here you can enjoy very delicious Pakistani dishes like Kababs, Biryani and many more. You will fall in love with the foodstuff served here, representing genuine Pakistani food. This is among the top-quality restaurants in the city. Apart from food, its location and view is also wonderful.

4.    Pakistan Museum of Natural History

If you a student or a tourist and want to know about mankind history and animals, Pakistan Museum of Natural History is must go for you. This is a very renowned museum for curious peoples about the nature and early history of humans. All research work and discoveries about Earth sciences, Botanical sciences, and Zoological sciences are presented in this museum and are continuously updated if there is any discovery or latest information. This museum also works closely with, above mentioned. the Lok Virsa Museum.

5.    Rawal Lake

If you are interested in fishing, boating, or picnic with family or friends, Rawal Lake is the best place for you. To explore the lake and nearby Islands, you can rent a motorboat or paddle boat. Adjacent park is also an astonishing point for picnic or long walk with your loved ones. Before sunset, if you visit Rawal Lake, you will be able to enjoy the mesmerizing scene of sunset and can capture the unforgettable moments of your life. Very delicious food is also available at Rawal park along with fishing and boating experience.

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