Things to do in Oman

Things to do in Oman

The Sultanate of Oman, a Southwest Asian country bordering United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen is a tourist’s heaven on earth. It comprises of mountain peaks to beautiful beaches, from sun-kissing vast deserts to lush green & fertile fields. Tourism industry has much charm here & there are many tourist attractions. It is famous for its cultural heritage, rich history and modern buildings including houses, forts, mosques and museums.

In 2006, Muscat, the capital of Oman was designated the Cultural Capital for the region by United Nations and Arab League Educations, Scientific & Cultural Organization. If you have only few days of vacation and visiting Oman, though its not enough but here we are writing down some must visit places & things to do in Oman.

Royal Opera House

In the capital city, Muscut, the main venue for arts and international exhibitions is Royal Opera House. Various national & international performances held here. It was built in 2011 & due to it’s amazing Omani architecture it looks like a palace. Here is complete address, Royal Opera House, Al Kharjiyah Street, Muscut 103, Oman.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is the absolute architectural wonder and a fine example of modern & ancient Muslim architecture. Grand mosque is most famous among all the beautiful mosques of Sultan Qaboos throughout the country. Its architecture, interiors, exterior, minarets with amazing golden tomb are unique. A great number of tourists visits this Mosque.

Muttrah Souq

A must-go place and a great tourist attraction in Muscat, Oman is Muttrah souq. It’s a traditional market comprising on several shops selling silver, gold, jewelry, traditional cloths, colorful fabrics and other Omani products.

Wadi Bani Khalid

A lush green and colorful place fairly may be called a paradise on earth. There are several beautiful water pools in the valley and a mesmerizing spring also flows throughout the year which keeps moving water in pools. It’s an amazing tourist attraction and a lot of tourist activities takes place here.

Musandam Beaches

In the far northern area of Oman, Musandam Governorate is situated which is separated from rest of the country by a piece of land from UAE. It has many wonderful beaches & a very beautiful white-sanded beach is Musandam beach.

Ras Al Jinz

In the city of Ras Al Hadd, eastern Oman a natural reserve for endangered green turtles is Ras Al Jinz. It an amazing beach with golden sands and crystal-clear water. Every year around twenty thousand female turtles return to lay their eggs. Visitors can also witness beautiful turtles digging their nests and hatching their eggs.

Natural History Museum

Presenting the geological, geographical, historical information about Oman and local flora and fauna, the Ministry of National Heritage houses a small but amazing Natural History Museum.

Shatti Al Qurum

One of the longest beaches in Oman, very famous is Al Qurum beach on northern coast of Muscat. As there are many cafes, hotels, restaurants and shopping malls so there is always a great hustle and bustle and is one of the busiest beaches in Oman.


In the Dhofar region, southern Oman, Salalah is astonishing city with unbelievable tourist attractions. Every year from July to September, Autumn Khareef Festival held there which is very famous. During this festival, the whole city turns into a huge green rug with different type of green plants and trees. The tourists should spare some days to experience this wonderful festival in Salalah.

Dolphin Beach Restaurant

Offering dining with sea view, under coconut trees, Dolphin beach restaurant is one of the few open-air restaurants in Oman. Each night a different themed buffet is offered here.

Except above must-visit places, Oman has so many wonderful places and tourist attractions so take some extra days vacations to explore it.



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