Things to do in Doha, Qatar

Things to do in Doha, Qatar

A country with remarkable architecture, very rich & fascinating culture, and beautiful landscapes is Qatar. It’s a small country with the fastest growing tourism industry which is developing every day. It’s connecting about 100 different travel destinations, for overseas travelers, has become a global gateway and the busiest transit spot. Along with offering true Arabian hospitality, it is also one of the world’s safest countries. The country of full of adventure destinations, offers a variety of delicious food dishes, beautiful beaches, sand dunes and sunshine for the entire year.

Facilities for tourists and other developments are being created on daily basis, especially in the capital city, Doha. It has grabbed the world’s attention for tourism activities, so for the ease of our readers and travelers, we are presenting a list of handpicked activities and things to do in Doha, Qatar.

Dune bashing


If you the only thing to do in Qatar due to time constraints, we will suggest making a stint in the desert. The sand dunes are very steep and high and dune bashing in the desert if very rear experience. There are many tour operators and event organizers to arrange your tour. You will be picked up from your hotel and taken for this adventurous journey for half day, full day or a full night. At night you may stay in the luxurious Arabian tents or you can make your own arrangement under the shining starts & open sky.

Souq (Market) Waqif visit

The only place that will take you to ancient times and you can taste, smell and feel the old Arabian culture and traditions is Souq Waqif. The perfumes, spices, handicrafts, clothing and other products, sold in the market, and surrounding architecture represents the mix of modern and traditional culture. You can also dine different traditional and regional dishes in the souq.

The Pearl Qatar

To have an idea and a glimpse of the luxurious lifestyle of the upper and elite class of Qatar, visit the Pearl Qatar. You will be amazed by the luxuries offered there with the high-end stores, shopping malls, and restaurants. Even though it’s very expensive but a huge number of tourists visit every year for entertainment here.

Visit the Museum of Islamic Art

Just on the Corniche, from some angles, the Museum looks like floating on the water. It includes a vast collection of Islamic patterns, jewelry, calligraphy, and some very rare items from 7th to 19th century. You can have a unique view of Doha city from the top floor of the museum, sitting in the outside terrace.

Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum

One of the most interesting and surprising museums in Qatar is Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum. This museum includes hand-picked items by Sheikh Faisal during his different journeys. He started collected unique objects since he was 10 years old. Later he constructed a fort and gathered all his collection including ancient Islamic books, cigarette packets and much more. Some rare cars & even an 18th-century Ottoman bomb is also presented there.

Al Zubarah Fort and abandoned village

Al Zubarah Fort initially was constructed in the 17th century & later it was restored, presents the cultural history of Qatar. Fort and its surrounding archeological work are Qatar’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. It remained very famous pearl fishing town for about 200 years and traders from China to Britain sailed here. As it is abandoned so looks something like a ghost town but still charming.

Al Thakira Mangroves

In the scorching deserts of Qatar, the Mangroves of Al Thakira is an astonishing area with its unique greenery, water, and ecosystem. You will be lost in a beautiful natural and soul healing environment. A great number of tourists visit this amazing place and a lot of tourism activities takes place there.

Belgian Café

It is one of the most popular cafés in Doha. Almost every day there is a great rush of visitors but on weekend (Thursday & Friday nights) it is jam-packed. European, Belgian and other imported beverages are served there.

Bandar Aden

If you really want to enjoy the food with locals in their traditional tastes and styles, Bandar Aden is the best place for you. Traditional Yemeni food is served there and visitors love to sit with locals on the carpeted floor. All types of meat and rice mounds are shared.

Katara Cultural Village

To raise the cultural awareness, on the way to the Pearl, Katara cultural village was is constructed which presents the art and culture of Qatar.  With a maze of passages and waterways, it has a great attraction for filmmakers and photographers.

Qatar is more than your wildest dreams, some other tourist spots and popular places are mentioned below.

  • Torba Farmer’s Market
  • Morimoto – The first restaurant of Chef Morimoto in the middle east.
  • Evergreen Organics – Doha’s first vegan café
  • Aspire Park
  • Corniche
  • Mahaseel Souq – Fruits, Vegetables and other eatable’s market
  • Heritage House
  • Gordon Ramsay Doha
  • Weaponry Museum
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