Things not to do in Dubai as a Tourist

Things not to do in Dubai as a Tourist

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”

Most of you already know this proverb. It means when you are living in or visiting any country, follow the culture and traditions of the host country or when you are in an unfamiliar situation you should seek guidance from the residents. During travel and tourism activities, when you are visiting any country, you should learn about the culture, tradition, dos and don’ts of the host country before buying the plane tickets, it’s highly recommended. So there is no exception for travel and tourism in Dubai, UAE. The country has some cultural and traditional rules and regulations, some of them are must follow and others not so important. But you should know before visiting Dubai the things not to do in Dubai as a tourist. Here is a list of no-nos in Dubai.

Drinking in Public

Alcohol buying, selling, and drinking are prohibited in public. There are many bars, clubs, and places where peoples can consume alcohol but to bring beer bottles in public places, beaches or streets is strictly not allowed.

Importing pork or porn

If you are visiting Dubai, bear in mind that importing pork or porn is illegal to import in UAE. If such anything is found in your luggage, you may be deported or sentenced to prison.    

Taking pictures of peoples

Under the cyber crime laws, taking pictures of peoples without their consent is a crime. As per law, taking pictures of strangers can lead to heavy fines or prison. Especially this law is applicable to pictures that are posted or shared on social media and residents can file a case against the photographer. Travel & tourism in Dubai is very famous around the world but at the same time there in not as freedom as in other European countries.

Eating outside during Ramadan

If you are visiting Dubai during the holy month of Ramadan, you will find a different city. As it’s a Muslim city, during daytime almost all peoples fast from sunrise to sunset. During these hours all the hotels and restaurants are closed. No one is allowed to eat, drink, chew gum or even smoke in public during these hours. If anyone or drinking during fasting hours, he will catch him in troubles. This rule doesn’t apply to children and pregnant women. So, there are very few travel & tourism activities in Dubai during Ramadan day time.

Spreading rumors

Knowingly spreading rumors or false information that can be damaging to public interests is strictly illegal, especially when such information or rumors are shared online. It’s not only cyber-bullying but can also lead to prison and a heavy fine. So when you are in Dubai use social media wisely and don’t share anything which may create problems for you.

Showing love and affection in Public

Dubai may be an ideal place for a honeymoon, travel and tourism but showing love and affection in public places is strictly prohibited. Hugging a friend of the opposite sex or even kissing in public places can land a couple to jail, so it is recommended to avoid all PDA. It is applicable to bars and clubs also.

Disrespecting religion and culture

Respecting religion & culture of every host country in the world is mandatory. So the same case is here for travelers & tourists in Dubai, you can’t disrespect Islam, Emirati culture, and rulers. If one will do that, it will lead to serious problems. So take good care of your tongue as well while visiting Dubai.

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