Skardu: The Cold Desert in Pakistan

Skardu: The Cold Desert in Pakistan

When you are making a trip toward the North of Pakistan, the geology you run over is similarly as the manner in which you anticipate that it will be, with green lavish trees, rocky and rough territory, water streams nearby the impressive mountains, clear blue sky and the overcast patches displaying a pleasant view. What you don’t expect to see is a desert high up on the mountains.

A desert having pleasant weather and the stunning view looks imaginary but exists! Here in this adventure travel article, going to explore the cold desert of Skardu in Pakistan.

The Cold Desert of Skardu called the Katpana Desert or Biama Nakpo as well. The biggest zone of Katpana Desert is found in Skardu and Shigar Valleys. In the local language, it is called Biana Naqpo and Katpana Biana. Katpana Desert is situated near Skardu city while Shigar Desert is situated while in transit to Shigar Valley. Katpana Desert is arranged at a height of 2,226 meters above ocean level. This is a standout amongst the best places to visit of Northern Areas in Pakistan. It is called Cold Desert of Skardu Region because it’s hypnotizing chilly evenings and superb sandy view makes it a glorious place to visit. There are vast sand rises in Katpana Desert, which presents a tremendous sight. It is situated at a rise of more than 7, 303 feet. It is one of the loftiest deserts in the world.

If a traveller wishes to head out to this cool dessert, pre-planning is very important since there are a lot of problems about the climate conditions, other than if the travel planning is impeccable, I trust it could be the best excursion of one’s life.

The travel industry in Pakistan is on the blast and I emphatically trust that there will be a period when travellers and explorers from everywhere throughout the world will fill this nation and getting a charge out of the merriments, extravagance and appeal that this nation holds and the cordiality that it offers.

The methods for making a trip to Skardu are via air and by road, as it were. There’s no choice of going by rail. Skardu airport is the closest air terminal to Katpana desert. This desert area is roughly 30 minutes from Skardu air terminal. It is additionally possible to reach Skardu from Gilgit by road as well. It is a 256 kilometres long way.

Top Tourist Attractions in Skardu

Kharfacho Fort

The King of Forts in Gilgit Baltistan Kharfacho fort which stands high on Indus River guarding the city is likewise called king of forts. It was trusted that the route to this fort was just known to the royal family. Later the present way was made and now it’s open to people in general. In any case, the manner in which this fort is still hard to climb. In the event that you are on a visit to Skardu city, this fort is an absolute tourist attraction in the city.

Manthal Buddha Rocks

This eight century Buddha alleviation speaks to the late period of the brilliant time of Buddhism in upper Indus valley between eight to tenth hundreds of years. The Buddha alleviation is an extensive yellow shake demonstrates the pondering Buddha encompassed by little bodhisattvas and two standing metreyas. Manthal Buddha site is secured under the relic’s demonstration of 1975.

Khosho Chumick

Need to appreciate an excellent and peaceful normal freshwater spring in Skardu city? Here you can visit Khosho Chumik. The lavish green fields through which, pass the crisp water channel filled by normal water spring. The place is best for some recreation exercises like of outdoor camping, parties and pleasures.

Katpana Village

Katpana Village is attractive and beautiful countryside in Skardu. The lush green meadows with apricot trees on the bank of Hargeisa water stream, on the outer edge of Skardu city. A walk on these meadows in the evening after an exhausting day in the city is recommended.

Shaheen Polo Ground

Exhausted by travelling and hiking? No stresses, Skardu city have the best place to chill out and watch the round of eminence, the game of kings, and the polo. The Shaheen polo ground is where you can take pleasure the round of Polo. Over this polo ground, there is a library named as city library Skardu. After an energizing polo coordinate, you can generally visit this library to consider the historical backdrop of Gilgit Baltistan and Polo or whatever else.

Skardu Airport

You may have seen numerous airports in this world that are beautiful. Those airports are popular for their magnificence beauty and recreation. The Skardu airport has a very surprising wonder viewpoint. Nothing can think about the grand magnificence of Skardu airport. While travelling from Islamabad to Skardu via air, this delightful and superb perspective of Skardu airport may be the main treat, from the numerous contributions of the Skardu city.

The Bank of Indus River and Chumik Area

At night, you may get a kick out of the chance to appreciate nightfall at the bank of Indus River Skardu. Nothing is more energizing than nightfall at the bank of Indus River. The brilliant hours just before the dusk will a follow on your memory for eternity. There is construction of bridge in progress as well, which is accepted to be the longest scaffold in Gilgit Baltistan. This bridge will associate Shigar valley to Skardu city.

Hargeisa Stream from Sadpara Lake

The fresh crystal blue water from Sadpara Lake courses through the Skardu city to frame Hargeisa Stream. While sitting on a stone amidst the stream in evening, tuning in to the relaxing sounds of sprinkling water when they hit rocks with the cool wind of air, wildering freshness all around is only an astonishing knowledge. In Pakistan, Sadpara Lake is one of largest freshwater resource. This lake is the main source of electricity, fresh drinking water and irrigation of Skardu city. Excluding that this lake is also a stunning tourist attraction because of its serenity.

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