Oman Desert Safari

Oman Desert Safari

Oman’s name is closely associated with dessert. About myself I am (Ibrahim Nazer) really keen and adventure travel explorer. So, in this article, I am going to share my adventure travel experience of Oman Desert Safari Tour.  I started setting up for my Oman Desert Safari tour ahead of time. While I was taking remarks from my fellow desert residents who camp in the desert almost every month, one of my friends recommended that I must explore the desert life here in Oman. He portrays this place and his adventure as a unique getaway that will add another remarkable stratum to your trip. After talking about this travel story with friends, I decided to drive to the desert and stay at the camp instead of going through the hustle of dry camping.

The Omani desert is characterized by the variety of its animals and plants. In Jeddah Al Harasis the Central Region in Wilayat Hima Al-Wasta Governorate, there are various mammals within the borders of the Arabian Oryx Sanctuary. The desert in Oman is an extension of the Bedouin standard of living with its historical links of culture, traditional and authentic original customs.


When appreciative the diversity of the Omani countryside, people sometimes forgets that Oman is a desert state. In reality, the Omani region is almost 80% covered with sand. For anyone who wants to travel and explore the Oman desert like me, Wahiba Sands would be the optimal choice. Desert camps are run by Bedouins and assemble for a genuine experience and opportunity to pamper in the unique environment. From Muscat, 200 km south-east, right past the small village of Al-Wasil, the streets end. Roads and cars make way for camels and dust trails. In the blink of an eye, you find yourself totally surrounded by sand and even though you have just left the civilization and it seems like a lifetime ago.

Oman Desert

This quiet stillness arrives at an unexpected end when we ascend for the conventional from the hill. We jump and hop down the rise that we had recently so exhaustingly climbed. The principles of gravity never again apply to us. After a lovely dinner inside the community tent, we assemble around the blaze and watch the sky, set on fire by a huge number of shimmering stars. From time to time a falling star consumes over the atmosphere raising grins all around. The fog of the smooth way feels like a comforting blanket while we look into the galaxies. Charmed by the mystical environment we slither under the mosquito net in our tent and dream of camel trains and Fata Morganas.

A camel ride was on the top of our adventure activities list. Sitting on the backs of these desert ships, we walk around the morning heat, before a rise slamming with the camp proprietor drives our way back to camp. 24 hours after our landing we feel totally settled and settled while taking in our final gasps of warm desert air on our way back to the real world and towards our next experience in Oman.

Top Desert Adventures

Only four hours from Muscat lay the transcending sand dunes of the Wahiba Sands desert and it is here that the fun truly starts! Try not to miss these few adventures activities to set your pulse racing:

Quad Biking

This is for the more ‘involved’ traveller. Take off on a quad bike for a more special ridge slamming adventure; you are in control and are significantly nearer to the sand than in a 4×4 which makes for a thrilling ride.

30 minutes quad biking is usually enough to get the adrenaline coursing through your veins, yet it’s an entirely addictive adventure and you would be pardoned for choosing to take off again the next day. Or on the other hand for losing all sense of direction in an ocean of sand.

Sand Boarding

Envision a blend of sledging and surfing yet include brilliantly warm temperatures, a gleaming warmth dimness and sand toward each path. This is the incredible adventure activity of sand boarding, for which the desert looks like your oyster.

30 minutes gives you adequate time to sharpen your aptitudes on the Wahiba slants, yet if you end up a bit of a wipe hand at sand loading up why not extends your pleasure for more time? Rather work up a thirst under the warm Arabian sun, before setting out on another adventure activity in the late evening, if you extravagant.

Dune Bashing

Jump in a 4×4 and arrange huge sand dunes. Not for the apprehensive, the driver will take you here and there, over and across this fantastic scene, a just exciting adventure. Oddly, travel explorers frequently compare it to driving on ice and it’s something you’re probably not going to overlook for quite a while.

Sand dune slamming ordinarily keeps going between one to 1½ hours, at which point you will be desolate and canvassed in the sand and prepared for some downtime. This adventure activity is not reasonable for youngsters.

Camel Rides

Extravagant yourself as an ordinary Lawrence of Arabia, At that point, bounce on the type of transport supported by men of his time and navigate your brilliant surroundings on a camel. For those searching for something more loosely in the Omani desert, this is an extraordinary choice and is reasonable for most ages and capacities.

From one hour meanders to half-day safaris, there are a lot of alternatives and most incorporate food and drink, so you will have nothing to stress over other than splashing up fabulous 360-degree sights. For an especially memorable adventure experience, take off with a guide as the sun goes down to appreciate dusk, not at all like some other.

Visit a Bedouin Family

If you truly need to get under the skin of a state, outstanding amongst other approaches to do it is to meet some of the local people. Along with a travel to the desert safari, it’s conceivable to spend time with a nearby Bedouin family, adopting about their lifestyle in one of the world’s most delightful yet exigent backgrounds.

Visits generally last around 60 minutes, simply enough time to touch the most superficial layer of these captivating desert-abiding individuals and find out about their travelling lives in the Omani desert. I just try to give you an imaginary travel experience by sharing my travel chronicle, but the real visit to this place will be memorable and conversant just like me!

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