Lifestyle of Peoples in Pakistan

Lifestyle of Peoples in Pakistan

Pakistan has great diversity in its culture and lifestyle of its inhabitants. Behavior of peoples can be observed by their lifestyle, and their living standard. The lifestyle of Pakistani peoples is diverse because of its different provinces. All provinces of Pakistan have different cultures, the peoples dress up differently, they have different backgrounds, and their languages are different. To know about the lifestyle of Pakistani peoples, we must know about all provinces, their traditions, customs, languages and social behavior. Below we are discussing prominent features of Pakistani peoples according to their respective provinces.

The lifestyle of Sindhi peoples: Peoples living in Sindh province all called Sindhi and most of them speak the Sindhi language along with Urdu, National language. Their dress is almost same as the national dress (Shalwar & Kameez) but they wear Ajrak and Sindhi Topi (Cap). They also exchange them as a gift on some special occasions like Ekta day (culture day) etc. They are foodie peoples and love to eat some spicy foods. Sindhi Biryani is one of the most famous food items and it’s unique in its taste and spices. Peoples in Sindh are very generous, hospitable and broad-minded. There are many shrines in Sindh, folk music with heart-warming poetry (folk songs) is played on these shrines. Other religions have full freedom to follow their religious festivals and customs even there are Temples for Hindus and they are free to worship and look after those Temples.

Peoples living in Punjab province are known as Punjabi and they speak the Punjabi language. They are of very loving nature and compassionate peoples. Mostly they believe in old traditions, Sufism and at the same time, they are very modern and fashionable too. They believe cast systems, marry among the same cast but with the increasing literacy rate and education, this difference is being blurred. Punjabis are also famous for welcoming their guests and hospitality. The foodstuff in Punjab is amazing and in big cities especially in Lahore, there are many food streets established with a variety of delicious foods. For tourists in Lahore, there are very special arrangements like special transport service to tourist’s spots, all types of motels, restaurants & motels.

In Balochistan, there is tribal system and most peoples are conservative. They are known as Balochi and their dress is Shalwar Kameez with a big Turban. In food, their special dish is Sajji and they also like the roasted lamb. Further, Balochi dry fruits are also very famous. They are strict in following their traditions and hospitality is also in their blood. Balochi leather products like sandals and shoes are very popular. Balochistan has too much attraction for tourists from around the world.

In Gilgit Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtoon Khawah and Azad Kashmir, peoples are very affectionate, hardworking, hospitable, brave and caring for their visitors. Mostly they speak Pashto & Hindko languages. There is a great element of mutual respect in between male and female family members. Women as mother, wife, and sister take care of household and men take care of financial matters. Men are fully responsible for providing all the necessities to their family members and no financial support is expected from female family members. This culture of respecting women is not only limited to these areas but it overall represents the culture of entire Pakistan. It is a blessed country with four kinds of weather and peoples of Pakistan are generous and affectionate. They are always willing to help others without any personal interests and consider it as their religious and moral responsibility.

So plan your next tour to Pakistan and you will ever remember the love and respect given by Pakistani peoples. If you have any question or want to share your experience in Pakistan, you can share in comments, please.

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