Kalash Peoples in Pakistan

Kalash Peoples in Pakistan

Where Pakistan is the birthplace of some very old civilizations like Indus Civilization or Harrapan, at the same time a very ancient ethnic group Kalash is also inhabited in a remote area, Chitral valley of the Hindu Kush, Pakistan. On this earth, one of the most noteworthy cultures is Kalash. They are considered the ascendants of Greece, Alexander the Great. In proximity, they have links in all aspects, their skin color, their blue-green eyes and even their DNA with Greece. It is a mystery that how they peoples reach there and how they manage to survive in such a far flange area.

Kalash peoples have preserved their ancient culture and norms, which is unbelievable in this era when the world has become global village and cultures, languages, traditions, and festivals are no more limited to any certain geographical area. No matter who are you and from where you are coming, you will be amazed by their hospitality and their appearance. As above mentioned they have unique & interesting culture. For example, Kalash women have distinctive rights and behavior. They are allowed to marry the man of their own choice, to divorce their husband or even to elope.

A big challenge to the survival of any culture or civilization is modernization. But in case of Kalash Peoples and their culture, it has reverse effects on this specific culture. Kalash Peoples by having contact with other cultures are showing up and teaching their tradition and culture to outside world.

As a source of income, the Kalash Peoples have turned to tourism. Because of their unique culture and traditions, they are also an attraction for the tourists from around the world. The Kalash Valley has more charm and attraction for the peoples having a keen interest in history, sociology, anthropology, and photography. A lot of peoples from mentioned studies and professions visit Kalash Peoples every year. The most attractive point for foreign tourists is their mysterious origin. Many anthropologists from around the world have conducted several studies to understand the actual origin of Kalash peoples and to know from where they came. All of them have shown different conclusions; it means that their actual origin is still unknown.

Kalash peoples are always proud of their culture and have a pride in their way of living. Now the whole Pakistan is applauding them for preserving their ancient traditions and culture.

Hope you enjoyed this article and it encouraged you to visit the wonderful Kalash Valley. So, when are you visiting? Let us know and also share it with your friends.

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