Kalam Adventurous Place for Trekking

Kalam Adventurous Place for Trekking

Kalam Valley is located in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, across the Swat River. It is just 270 Kilometers away from Islamabad (Capital of Pakistan). It’s famous for lush green mountains, lakes, especially a color changing lake, and wonderful waterfalls. In Kalam Valley, the two rivers (Utrot & Ushu) join to make Swat River. It has splendid treks, which leads tourists and trekkers to many beautiful lakes and valleys. Due to its amazing landscapes, lakes and mountaineer treks, it is becoming more famous among trekkers, tourists, and adventurers.

Kooh Lake is the wonderful color changing lake which can be reached only by trek. It requires about 7 to 8 hours long trekking through lush green and very beautiful fields. This is one of the amazing treks in the Kalam valley and the lake has a special attraction for the tourists due to its unique characteristic of color changing water. It looks blue from above, green from the edges and from some different angles it looks crystal clear. When one catches the water in its hands, instantly it changes color from blue to green or crystal clear. This distinguished trait of this lake makes it different from all other lakes in the valley and leaves the tourists in the awe. As it goes along beautiful water stream from the lake and trees, the trek is not much difficult and boring. By reaching the lake one feels relax and mentally peaceful due to the natural beauty and serenity of the place. As there is no noise and population, one forgets the noisy, busy and stressful routine life.

Bashigram Lake in the alpine zone is a glacial lake in the Valley. Passing through beautiful panoramic views and hamlets after a trekking of about 5 to 7 hours, one can reach to this captivating lake. It is the best satisfaction point for adventure lovers and explorers at the height of 11,500 feet. The view of the lake is so sensational that one feels lost in nature. It does not give a look of merely a pool of water but urges some magical feelings. One forgets all the tiresome of a long trekking and lost while seeing the beauty of nature at the spot.

In the Shaho village of Kalam Valley, there is another overwhelming waterfall in the cave. It is a hidden tourist spot and very few true adventurers and explorers had visited this place. Local residents can guide the visitors to this cave. In the cave water sprinkle in the cool air and mist gives a sense of mysteriousness to the visitors.

In the entire valley, the natural beauty is at its full peak. There are many marvelous treks to explore the hidden beauty of the valley. Trekking lovers from around the world visit this valley and it has more charm and attraction for trekkers. There are many tour advisors and trekking experts to provide well-planned trekking services. All you need is a strong will power and passion to enjoy the mindboggling treks and tourist spots in the Kalam Valley, Pakistan.

There is much more fun and amusement in visiting these places instead of just reading. So, share it with your loved ones and plan your tour now.

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