How to increase Tourism in Pakistan

How to increase Tourism in Pakistan

On the world map, Pakistan is the most blessed country with its diversified culture, natural beauty, remains of ancient civilizations, and rich archaeological heritage. If is blessed with natural four kinds of weather, green lands, breathtaking landscapes and also holds five out of fourteen world’s highest peaks. It has wonderful valleys with gushing rivers; crystal clears water streams, astonishing lakes, mighty mountains and lush green meadows. No doubt the tourism industry of Pakistan is rising day by day but it also has further great scope, which can be attained by taking some serious steps.

Before talking about the steps to increase tourism, we will have a look into the potential of tourism industry worldwide and in Pakistan. First, have a look at our surroundings / neighbor countries. In the year 2017, the first time its history India had recorded about 10 million foreign tourists, China had about 60 million tourists and Turkey hosted about 37 million foreign tourists. But Pakistan had only 2 million foreign tourists in the same period.

Tourism, around the world, has become a great source of revenue generation. More than 10% of global GDP in the year 2017 was through tourism; Turkey generated about 20% of its total GDP through the tourism industry. While Pakistan accounted for only 2.7% of its total GDP, according to World Tourism & Travel Council. This shows how the world is generated revenues through tourism and how badly Pakistan needs to look after its tourism industry. Some simple and actionable steps are suggested here to increase tourism in Pakistan.

Safety & Security

The first & foremost requirement for the tourism industry in any country is safety & security. No matter how beautiful any place is, if there is any security threat, no one will put himself at risk. So to increase tourism in Pakistan, law and order situation must be improved. On the national level many operations by law enforcement agencies including Military, Rangers and Police have been carried out and Pakistan successfully has curbed the menace of terrorism. The overall security situation in the country is satisfactory. To restore tourists trust & develop a positive image, on the local level, the policing system needs ruthless changes and improvements throughout the country. Especially on tourist spots and public places, there must be some system to ensure tourists safety and security.

Roads & Infrastructures

Peoples go for an outing to relax them from tiring routine works and to spend some quality time in the peaceful environment far from noisy and polluted cities. This is not possible without infrastructure and quality travelling facilities. If you have visited Murree or any other hill station during public holidays or religious festivals, you must have experienced roads jam and fad stuck somewhere on the way, that’s much annoying. To deal with such problems roads and infrastructure must be improved. In this rising tourism industry of Pakistan will also lead other related businesses.

Building Rest Houses and Hotels

After facing traffic jam problems, when one reaches the hill station, there is another challenge to find some good room with quality basic facilities. Due to an increase in visitors, all room’s and hotel’s prices increase and even that all are booked. To cope with accommodations problems, building or rest houses and hotels is mandatory and it will also generate jobs and business opportunities for locals.

Improve Sanitation System

As above mentioned that the world’s best and most beautiful natural places, hill stations, lakes, and landscapes are in Pakistan but there is no system for sanitation and cleanliness. A lot of garbage and plastic waste can be seen everywhere which dump all the beauty. So there must be some sanitation system to control waste and garbage. Along with developing a system, public awareness campaigns should be launched.

Simplify Visa Process

For foreign tourists, the most important this is the issuance of visa. Most of the countries have introduced e-visa for tourists. The visa issuance system also presents the first impression of any country. Recently the government of Pakistan has announced visa-free entry for 30 tourism friendly countries which is a good initiative hence needs more improvements and to make simple.

Branding & Publicity

For success and growth of any business, marketing and product positioning is indispensable. For long lasting effects and marketing results branding is the best option. Every tourism friendly country brands itself immensely. For example, India brands itself as “Incredible India” and Malaysia as “Malaysia truly Asia”. So what is the reason Pakistan, having world’s most beautiful landscapes, mighty mountains, one of the world’s most beautiful capitals, beautiful Masjids, and birthplace of world’s oldest civilizations along with many other attractions, not showing its positive image and real face to the world through branding?

Maintain & Explore Tourism Places

Maintenance and up gradation of present tourism spots is also mandatory. Due to increasing tourism activities, every year rush on tourist spots is also increasing. All the four provinces of Pakistan have great attractions and potential to expand the tourism industry. So Pakistan is blessed with the unbelievable natural beauty which needs to be explored and maintained. This will attract new tourists and adventure lovers from around the world and also will provide business opportunities for the locals.

By improving the above said areas, the tourism industry of Pakistan can become successful and Pakistan can generate more revenue every year.

If you have any suggestions to increase tourism in Pakistan or want to share your personal experience regarding tourism in Pakistan, please do comment below. We love to listen from you J

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