Exquisite Tropical Paradise – Bali

Exquisite Tropical Paradise – Bali

If you have an urge to spend your vacation plans getting to know more about people and customs around the world, while you take a sigh of relief on the cost side for a moment, head towards this tropical paradise in Indonesia named Bali. There are tourist attractions in Indonesia that are exclusive and take you on a ride through a range of experiences, Bali is one of the most important of them all.

Bali is a tourist paradise for almost everyone seeking to experience the divine pleasure of being in the lap of the earth while the air takes you along the dreamy silver coast. Bali, otherwise known as the Island of the Gods is famous for its serenity. Being one of the famous places in Indonesia, Bali attracts millions of people all over the year. It has the perfect blend of culture, tradition, peace and joy one looks for in the busy city life.

Exquisite Tropical Paradise Bali

The mixture of cultural practices from different parts of the world defines the Balinese community that whole-heartedly welcomes the world to visit and be overwhelmed by the endeavor the island has to provide. When in Bali you feel a natural endearment towards the land. Almost everything one can experience in here is attached to a spiritual meaning that distinguishes tourism in Bali from other such tourist locations.

Getting to know Bali Better


Ubud is one of the most best travel destinations in Bali and is famous for its close-knit attachment to the local culture, dance, and traditional craft. The landscape here is a divine combination of simplicity and modernity. A visit to Bali surely gives you the image of traditional spas that are soothing and make you feel more like a vacation. Ubud is one such place where one can reach out to get treated with a spa at minimal costs. Do not forget to take a chocolate tour in the Big Tree Farm that can get you head over heels to almost forget your regular busy life.

Mount Batur

Mount Batur is a great landscape in Bali that is a sure go to a place here. Situated almost 17,000 m above the sea level, is this active volcano that attracts many. Another attraction in Bali is the Crystal Bay, which is named after the turquoise coloured water in this place. It is not just the coloured water but also the coral reefs that add up to the beauty of the place by many folds. Almost all tourist place has a specific statement about themselves, like the Tanah Lot temple that is situated on a rock, surrounded by sea. Playing with baby turtles is a fun activity that feels great added to the sunlit beaches. Do try the hand-crafted Ikat and Silk garments, that Bali is famous for all over the world.

Mount Batur

One does not really need to worry in order to enjoy Bali to its fullest, small things that enrich the life there, are more than enough to bring one a step closer to nature, that wants to speak to us in its own language every moment. It is just us who tend not to hear the call, which is almost lost in the crazy noise in the cities. Beauty and peace are all around Bali, all one needs is to move out of their normal schedule and reach the Island.

Plan a trip to Bali soon, if you have not been there yet. Explore the unexplored side of Bali to let your soul be rejuvenated by the tropical tourist destination. The exotic places in Bali would surely prove this to be your best travel plan.

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