Difference between Glampackers and Backpackers

Difference between Glampackers and Backpackers

The travel and tourism industry is at present observing a heave in all directions. Many travellers comprehend the requirement to travel and to understanding the freedom that follows from exploring new places. During travel, travellers are bound to meet up new people, and for the most part, everybody has their individual unique chronicles to put down.

Backpacking travellings are made-up to be pleasurable, but people may define pleasurable in a different way. Nothing demonstrates the differences between backpacking and glampacking well than a few times of exploring on social media platforms (Pinterest & Twitter), where members converse for themselves. First, the generally traditional definition of each kind, however, these are two quite solved terms.

Other than a regular trip, Glampacking is travelling is a kind of travelling with more freedom and a smaller amount of luggage, but how much is questionable. Glampackers do still take backpacks, although they may look a lot like baggage and may even have vehicles. Lists of suggested items for Glampacking generally include a lint roller, wine key, skirts and rompers, travel hair dryer or hair straightener, travel makeup kit and scarves for both men and women. Glampackers contain a little more money to use than backpackers and don’t mind using it up when they are ready for cocktails or a nice freshen up.

Backpacking is a kind of travelling with what seems to be a few travel plans and less preparation. Backpackers don’t think much about how they will look on the trip or whether or not they will have access to electrical energy. They think about a great deal about comfortable travel shoes and socks that will stay dry and keep their feet from sweltering, impressive that will keep them much warm at nighttime, and whether they will be able to explore the world of travel and tourism or local culture. They skip hotels stay for couch surfing or youth/senior hostels and are not above drinking and eating anything somebody will share with them.

Here is a glance at these two kinds of travellers and their differences from one another.

The Difference in Objective

Glampackers: Behind travel objective of Glampackers is either a leisure tour or a career break. They get pleasure from comfort travel and favour boutique hotels and contented stay over the standard budget hotels and guesthouses. Glampackers suppose in synchronized with their profile (such as Instagram or Pinterest), and thus favour packing up complicated outfits for every single day.

Backpackers: They travel to explore the world and understand the lifestyles and experience of others. They intensely submerge themselves in local experiences, conversing with the inhabitants, eating the local food and learning about their civilization. They are the actual budget travellers, who wish to see as much of the world as possible on limited resources. They don’t consider in mass tourism, and favour solo travelling on public transportation.

The Difference in Appearance

Glampackers: They are generally the trendy kind of backpackers, who would pay out an extra coinage but would not give up their shoes and clothes while travelling. They do not consider in the plan of travelling illumination and have somewhat more currency than a standard backpacker.

Backpackers: They are the mainly ordinary travellers we tend to meet. They are generally young persons who prefer wandering on resources. They can be set up wearing something from shorts to tight pants, plain or dreadlocks. Backpackers are self-sufficient travellers and suppose in receiving lost and knowledge from locals.

The Difference in Memento

Glampackers: Their idea of collecting memento is buying an expensive gift from a trendy boutique. More frequently than not, they come back with more baggage than what they had at the start taken.

Backpackers: They assemble exceptional pieces of corporal culture over luxurious jewellery. Money-oriented things do grab their interest but they would slightly capture it in their cameras than retail it.

The Difference in Preferred Venues

Glampackers: Being a type of glamorous backpacker, they are seen receiving pampered at a local beauty salon, buying shoes and new clothes, having dinner or lunch at a restaurant with a clean and good ambience food.

Backpackers: They are glimpse taking advantage of free appearance, spending time at camps and hostels, and eating food at any low-priced place (most likely street vendors).

The Difference in Consequences

Glampackers: They come back with a nice russet, bags full of expensive belongings and a slimmer wallet.

Backpackers: They gain experiences, knowledge and a lifetime of memories.

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