Desert Safari in Dubai

Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai is the land of the world’s best desert safaris and you can enjoy here unbelievable desert safaris. These safaris in Dubai are full of fun and adventure. To have this wonderful experience, a great number of locals and international tourists head to dunes in the city. Desert Safaris are very important for tourism industry of Dubai.

There are ample opportunities for entertainment during a desert safari, which can grab your attention and make your safari memorable. Some most popular are camel ride, sand-boarding and dune bashing etc.

Camel Safari

To explore the desert city of Dubai, there are two ways. First is sitting on a camel for your tour and explore the dunes of Dubai far from the sky scramming buildings. Camels are known as the ships of the desert as they were the main source of transportation and shifting goods from one place to another in the past. In this safari, your guide will prepare grilled meals for you and you will have a closer look at Arabian culture. In travel & tourism industry of Dubai, camel safari is the most amazing safari and it will take you to unexplored places in the desert. Most of the safari packages offer camel safari at an additional cost.

Shisha Smoking & Tanoura Show

On the way, you will also enjoy Shisha smoking, an Arabian water pipe which is very popular in gulf countries. There will be also a tanoura show presenting tanoura dance which is very common in Islamic countries and developed from Egyptian and Turkish Sufi dance. Tanoura means skirt in English and this multicolored skirt differentiates this dance from Turkish and Egyptian Sufi dance. The tanoura dancer’s aim is to reach the inner spiritual purity and the tanoura beat is also religious in nature. One feels very comfortable and spiritually drowned while watching tanoura dance.

Desert Safari on Hammer

The other way is to take a Hammer. There are different prices and different packages for desert safaris. Once you sit in a Hammer, the experience is beyond this world. It will take you at a super fast speed to up and down on rugged desert terrain. Very expert drivers drive the Hammer and they are also fully aware of the terrain. When you chose the Hammer to explore the deserts & tourism in Dubai, don’t forget your seatbelt otherwise you will beat your head.

Belly dancing shows during Safari

There are different tour operators with diverse safari packages; some of them include entertainment shows. Some shows offer belly dancing by most famous belly dancers in the region. No tour or safari is complete without foods so you can also enjoy some the best Arabian cuisine, with your own choice of non-veg or vegetarian foods. You will be also served with sweets, coffee, and Arabian beverages.  

Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai

Along with many other safaris and entertaining travel & tourism activities in Dubai, overnight desert Safari is the most popular and thrilling. Dubai deserts are very famous in the world for having a great fascination with guests. In overnight desert safari you will be taken out for rides and during the stay at camp, you will enjoy belly dance, fireworks, grilled meals and tanoura dance etc.

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