CNN News of Top-Listed Travel Places Including Oman

CNN News of Top-Listed Travel Places Including Oman

Whether you want to take rest on a beach in the Caribbean, hike the most famous canyon of the world, travel around ancient structures, eat world-famous cuisine/food or learn more at traditionally significant places to visit in 2019, CNN Travel report helps you to select the right travel destination for you.

The CNN news report listing Oman in top 19 travel places and describes Oman this way. “For golden dunes under panoramic skies, epic mountain ranges and waters teeming with dolphins and turtles, Oman, has it all”.

The Sultanate of Oman is the best place to visit for all travelers who love to explore the world. Set amongst the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea, the Middle East isthmus is known for its pleasing desert, extravagant mountain ranges, and historic forts.

Oman is one of those exceptional places that because not many other people have caught on to how unbelievable this part of the world can be, and how welcoming and friendly these ways of life really are, that make it a place that you should “Must Visit” right now. Before the giant high rise hotels make their way there, and before it really becomes a place that provides to worldwide visitors, and not the other way around.

10 Breathtaking Places to Visit in Oman

  1. Muscat
  2. Nizwa
  3. Wahiba Sands
  4. Ras-Al-Jinz
  5. Jebel Akhdar
  6. Salalah
  7. Bahla Fort
  8. Masirah Island
  9. Majlis Al-Jinn
  10. Wadi Dayqah Dam

Whether you want to explore, learn, or take rest (or all three as well), CNN News listing other places in this travel report for you including:

  1. Egypt
  2. Fukuoka, Japan
  3. Ghana
  4. Grand Canyon, United States
  5. Hawaii Island, United States
  6. Christchurch, New Zealand
  7. The Hebrides, Scotland, UK
  8. Jaffa, Israel
  9. Kerala, India
  10. Liechtenstein
  11. Lima, Peru
  12. New York City
  13. Normandy, France
  14. Oaxaca, Mexico
  15. Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  16. Barts, French West Indies
  17. Space Coast, Florida, United States
  18. Weimar, Germany

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