Best Way to Travel Singapore Solo

Best Way to Travel Singapore Solo

Are you already done with the thousands of trips being cancelled at the last moment by friends and family? How about a solo trip? Go solo be happy is the mantra. In case you consider travelling solo to the corners of the world, no nation can compete with the safety and easy of rookie travelers as Singapore.

It is one travel friendly nation that almost everyone fancies having a trip to. Singapore being a multicultural travel destination welcomes people from across the world. It houses the best tourism facilities as compared to any other nation. Here are some tips for you for your solo Singapore trip.

Carry your meds

Carry your meds – The first thing to include in your baggage is your regular and emergency medicine kit. You can need them anytime, specifically when you are alone in a rather unknown nation, do not risk your health. Moreover they have stringent drug rules that may not let you get the best.

Get to know the places well in hand – make a list of the places that you may wish to visit in Singapore, there are almost thousands of travel blogs and guides that let you know of the most attractive tourist locations in Singapore. You must back your travel plan with a research on the places before in hand in order to avoid any problems during the trip.

Accommodations in Singapore

Accommodations in Singapore – It is easy to find suitable accommodation facility in Singapore. However, it is advisable for you to have your bookings done well in advance. This will keep you out of risks when you visit Singapore.

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You need not be worried about food

You need not be worried about food –  No matter which nation you belong to, you would certainly get food that satisfy you regional taste buds efficiently. This is because of the coexistence of numerous culture in the nation that almost all important things of every major ethnic group is available in Singapore.

Know about the regional tours

Know about the regional tours- there are several organisations that organise and co-ordinate city tours all around the year. You might even possibly happen to come across some free tour services that are available on specific days.

Choose the right time – The temperature in Singapore is in general moderate, however, it is sensible to visit during the months of February to April. This time is warm and bearably hot as compared to the months of June to August.

Check if your nation has travel insurance plans- In case you find some good insurance service, do get yourself an insurance for delayed flights or lost luggage.

Now as you are almost done with the planning part, lets get to know some of the most important places that you can pay a visit to, during your Singapore trip –

Sentosa Island – This is the most important attraction in Singapore, which is basically a theme park built on an island. Cable cars take you along to the island from the Faber Peak. Most of the attractions in here are open to free access. However, some of the activities here may be charged.

Sentosa Island

Marina Bay  – this gigantic structure is known for its beauty and vast area. It is specifically known for the spectacular grandeur and the activities that you can enjoy here. The major focus of this area lies in the building and the resorts there. The major attraction for most of the tourists is the light show that is organised every day at 8 pm.

Marina Bay

Universal studios Singapore – this is an amusement park designed to attract the major tourist footfall in the nation. There are many themed zones in the park that cater to the desires of tourists from al ages and all cultures. This is a place for you if you seek for fun unlimited.

Universal studios Singapore

Gardens by the Bay – once you are here you surely will stand with your jaws dropped with aw. As the name goes, this sprawling creation is filled with beauty and is futuristic park that has won many accolades in the past. Drop by this place to treat your eyes with the most beautiful things you will ever see.


Chinatown – If you love, shopping then this place is for you. This is one of the cheapest markets in Singapore. It is also known for its numerous eateries that serve food of all varieties and a minimal charge. The Chinese people, who lived and were a major part of early Singapore population, established this market.

Now that you have a clear perspective of how to travel alone and where all to drop by, do move out of your cozy little bed and explore the world to its fullest. Going solo might not always give you happy moments, but it sure would bring in thousands of memories for you to cherish for a lifetime

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