Best Time to Visit Swat Valley in Pakistan

Best Time to Visit Swat Valley in Pakistan

Administrative district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan is Swat valley. Because of its lush green fields, clear lakes and high mountains it has the special attraction for the tourists and is popular as mini Switzerland or Switzerland of Asia. Mostly there is a specific season or time to visit tourist spots around the world but it is an exception in Swat valley. Though there is always a lot of fun and amusement opportunities for the tourists throughout the year, even then we divide the year into three seasons to visit Swat Valley, as under:

  1. Peak Season: During the months of June to August and November to December, there is vacationing period and families from around the country visit Swat Valley to enjoy their vacations. In these months, airfare and hotel rates increase due to rush and you may also face problems in finding some good hotels or flights. So, whenever you are visiting Swat in these months, plan and book advance tickets and hotel rooms.


  1. Mid-Season: During the months of March to May and September to October, it is not the peak time for tourism in Swat. Mid-season, mid of fall season and spring season, to explore the Swat Valley is an ideal time. When trees in Parks are changing colors, its incredibly charming view. In this season, less availability and high prices may be the issue for airfare and hotel rooms.


  1. Low Season: If you don’t bother with some cold weather, you can save money to be spent for airfare and hotel expenses. In the months of January to early March, there is snow falling, hotel rates and airfare are reduced. So, this is the best time to stay longer in the valley and enjoy the natural beauty.

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