Best places to visit Naran,Kaghan

Best places to visit Naran,Kaghan

Naran, Kaghan valley is one of the most beautiful and most visited tourist points in Pakistan. It’s located at about, an altitude of 8,202 feet, 270 kilometers above the sea level, away from the Capital, Islamabad and from Mansehra city it is 119 kilometers. Naran city is like a gateway to all the astonishing lakes and tourist points in the valley. It also serves as a base-camp for tourists from around the world. Thousands of tourists, trekkers and photographers visit valley every year. These valleys are not only blessed with natural beauty, rivers, mountains, lakes and scenic landscapes but peoples living in these valleys are also very generous and hospitable. Here are some best places to visit in Naran, Kaghan.

Lake Saif ulMalook

One of the most beautiful lakes, the human mind can imagine existing on this planet, is lake Saif ul Malook. The beauty of this lake is beyond the imagination and not possible to describe in words. Once you visit, this stunning lake will not let you return but with a heavy heart to leave it.

Babusar Top

Babusar Top or Babusar pass is one of the most dangerous & highest roads in the world. On Korakoram highway, the pass connects the Kaghan valley with Chilas. From July to September, the road is opened and during winter & monsoon season it is restricted to visit. This is a challenge for daring peoples and expedition lovers. Due to fewer facilities, it is advised to take your eatable and other necessary items along when visiting Babusar.

Ansoo Lake

Ansoo is an Urdu word & it means tear. This name of the lake is given because of its unique tear shaped appearance. This lake is accessible in summer and rest of the year it remains frozen. Even in summer, it requires real effort through trekking to reach there. But after reaching there, the tourist forgets their all tiresome and lost in amazing beauty of the lake. It fascinates the adventure lover and trekkers to rush towards this lake. Trekkers and tourists are advised to take camping materials with them and its more suitable to seek the help of tour guide. This is a heavenly place for camping.

Lulusar Lake

From Naran market, a stunning Lulusar lake is located at about 50 kilometers. In the vicinity ofLulusar lake, snowcapped peaks and lake’s crystal-clear water makes it more attractive and present a breathtaking view for the visitors. This lake is also a main water resource for the Kunhar River.


At about 20 kilometers from Naran, lush green and fabulous meadows of Lalazar are situated. Unbelievable scenic views of clouds in the sky, mountains, snowcapped hills and pines make an amazing combination of natural beauty with green fields. Away from crowded & noisy cities, Lalazar offers a relaxing and peaceful environment for the visitors.


Another astonishing peaceful tourist spot is Shogran. It is also famous for its lavish greenery, consistent pines and some well know peaks like Makra. Same asLalazar, Shogran meadow present spectacular sceneries with green fields, high peaks, pines and clouds surrounding the visitors. For various treks like Siri Paye trek and Makra trek, it also serves as a base camp.

Let’s pack up and visit Naran, Kaghan to explore real natural beauty.

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