Whether someone is an avid traveler or not, everyone has Europe on their bucket list to visit. When you visit Europe you’d want to visit at least a few countries and make the most of out of it. Europe has a lot to offer and it hard to choose where to go because everything is so beautiful. This article will guide which places to visit and how to make the most out of it. Here, you can find best places to visit in Europe.

Europe is called a travelers paradise for all the right reason, Europe has everything from history, culture and beautiful sights. It is the perfect destination spot. There is however a lot to choose from. There are 44, countries in Europe each has a beauty of its own. Every country in Europe is the best place for me but here are the five best cities in Europe that you must visit at least once.

Prague, Czech Republic:

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is first on our list. Prague the capital of the Czech Republic also known is the city of “hundred spires” is easily one of the most beautiful cities in the world, not just Europe. It is small with so much to offer. It is sure to leave an everlasting impression on my mind. Prague may not be the most scenic city in the world but the architecture is just divine. The buildings are unlike anything you ever have seen before. It is a combination of both ancient and modern architecture. Charles Bridge is a historical bridge in Prague, filled with statues of Jesus Christ and many other saints. The very famous Prague castle is the largest ancient castle in the world. It is home the president of Czech Republic and was home many Bohemian kings for centuries. The great thing about Prague is all the bridges are built in bohemian style, which gives the city a unique touch and most of the bridges are built over Vltava River, the longest river in a Prague. The most interesting piece of architecture is the dancing building, its odd-shaped gothic architecture is what makes it so popular among both locals and the tourist. Saint Nicholas Cathedral and church of our Gothic lady are few of the most historic churches in Prague. The astronomical clock is one of the greatest landmarks in Prague, it is the sight to see and you can’t help but marvel at its craftsmanship.

Prague’s historic gardens and parks are some of its most visited sights by tourist. Some of the most visited are Letna Park, botanical gardens and Stromovka Park. These are the sights that you don’t want to miss, whether you are visiting solo or with family. Prague also has the amazing night light on of the most famous club is bunker club. It is 1950s cold war bunker which is a night club covered in graffiti. If clubbing is your thing make sure you go visit this club. Prague is definitely on top of the list for many people for the best places to visit in Europe. One of the many reasons Prague is the best place is that people here are so friendly.

Venice, Italy:

Venice, Italy

Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to visit Venice, the city that is built on hundreds of Small Islands? It is an enchanting city, it can tough when the only mode of transportation is boats but it is an experience, unlike anything. As you move through beautiful canals and get lost in Venice’s beautiful architecture and get lost in its wealth and beauty, it is limbo you don’t want to come out of. The mosaic interior of Saint Mark’s Basilica is treating your eyes. Visiting hours start after 9:45 A.M a place you’d want to visit despite your religious preferences. Something that will leave you awestruck is the Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace) but it is a crowded place so spend some more and hire a guide and he will take you past the lines and you will be able to enjoy its gothic architecture. Venice is one of the best places in the world, it is widely known as the perfect vacation spot.

Grand Canal is like the center of the city, it connects the city to the mainland and through various landmarks, and it was the place where leaders of Venice addressed the citizen in olden times.

Scuola Grande di San Rocco is a historical building which was built in the 15th century. Not only it has impressive architecture but you will also be able to marvel at the finest paintings of artist Sala dell’Albergo, and many another artist. If you want to have authentic Venetian food experience, then you can go traditional dishes like bigoli in salsa, and other dishes you can find in a local restaurant. Your tour guide will be able to guide you towards the best of the best restaurants. Venice is historically rich and renaissance is was a prominent period in Venice’s history, you can see the renaissance era’s architecture all around and Santa Maria dei Miracoli is a great piece of architecture of renaissance era.

Athens, Greece:

Athens, Greece

The national capital of Greece is one of the most popular cities in Europe. The birthplace of western civilization has given birth to, many great minds and cultivated great ideas offer a rich history, diverse culture, and breathtaking sites. Its history dates back to 3,000 years. One can only imagine how much history it holds. The best time to visit in spring or autumn to get the most of out of your trip. Agora: the ruins of the ancient market place should be on top of the list to visit in Athens. It was a sight of public speaking like a city center in ancient times. When you go up the hill of agora it the footpath leads you to the temple of Hephaistos. Which is the one the few and best-preserved temple on ancient Greeks? To further explore ancient Greek’s worship places one should definitely visit Olympieion: Temple of Olympian Zeus it is the largest ancient Greek temples. It dates back to 6th century A.D it was a shrine to Greeks most powerful God Zeus.

As we know the Olympics started in Greece. Therefore, Panathenaic Stadium & Olympic Stadium are cities one of the most prominent locations. The stadium can hold up to 60,000 people and was used for ancient Olympic Games. Now the modern Olympic stadium is the replica of Panathenaic stadium. Whether you are into theatre or not the Theatre of Dionysus is a place you can’t help but marvel. Many great plays were debuted on its stage and the theatre has the capacity of 17,000 people. It also dates back to 6th century B.C. Athens is widely known for its museums and for all the right reason anyone who is interested in history, should visit Byzantine and Christian Museum, Museum of Cycladic Art and Benaki Museum are the places you don’t want to skip on. This beautiful city requires an aerial view and the perfect spot for is the Mount Lycabettus, it is both romantic and fascinating. It will leave you awestruck for sure.

Budapest, Hungry:

Budapest, Hungry

If you are in Europe and you don’t visit Budapest, you are going to miss so much of beauty. The capital of Hungary is just not known as the “Paris of the east”, it is also known for its beautiful UNESCO world heritage sites. The interesting thing is that Budapest is made of three cities with Buda and Obuda is on the west bank and pest on the east bank of Danube River. On the top of our list the Buda castle and Hill. The castle is huge it was once 200 room palace before it was converted in a castle to protect the city from the attack in World War II. When you visit the castle make sure to check out the restored portion of the house, the Hungarian national gallery to know about the rich history of the city. The parliament building of Budapest is a marvel in itself. For a parliament building, it is absolutely breathtaking. One of many sights inside the world third largest parliament building is crown jewels and its gothic structure is one must not miss.

If you are into spas, Gellert Bath and spa center is going to be your favorite place to visit. It has an open-air pool which turns into a wave pool and it has many saunas to enjoy, you are going to have time of your life there relaxing and enjoying. You can also get a message if you are willing to spend a few extra dollars.

If you are in Budapest with your family then you should definitely visit Margret Island. It has a park and many other activities. One of the most famous nighttime activities in Budapest is to take a cruise through Danube Promenade to enjoy the sights of the city at night and immerse into its beautiful view.

As we know many fascist and communist regimes ruled Hungary during the 20th century, and if you want to know about their history then you should go to the terror house because it holds exhibitions about successive regimes. Out of all the cities for me, this is the best place to visit in Europe for sure.

Sibenik, Croatia:

Sibenik, Croatia

Sibenik is the most scenic location of all the cities because it has the best of both world, it is natural and aesthetically pleasing and there is so much one can do here. It is the best place to visit if you want to reconnect with nature. It is Europe’s underrated treasure. The tiny lanes, beautiful architecture, enchanting fortresses, and scenic parks will give you the experience of a lifetime. It is a city like no other. The history of this city dates back to the 11th century. It is an undiscovered city because it is not the most visited city in Croatia. The Count’s Palace which is now a civic museum built in century B.C, it has a collection of unknown items from around the region which includes a coin collection. St. Anne’s Fortress, an old defensive structure that is ruins today but it gives a spectacular view of the city. In order to get here, you need to walk through old and beautiful towns. Which is a treat in itself? Saint Nicholas Fortress which is still intact and is extremely beautiful to look at.

Krka National Park is a nature lover’s paradise. The whole park is worth exploring, the river of Krka flows here and turns into a waterfall. It is the city’s one of the most important locations.

There it is the list of best places to visit in Europe, now there are plenty more and each is worth exploring depending on your interest. But no matter what you love these five cities will not disappoint you. For more travel and tourism recommendation visit here:

We can make your traveling experience a lot easier by giving you recommendation about best places to visit in Europe, some of them are conventional trendy places that you have heard about before but you aren’t sure if they are worth the hype.

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