Beautiful places to visit in Salalah

Beautiful places to visit in Salalah

Salalah is the coastal city and the second largest city of Oman, located in Dhofar Governorate. It’s a unique and unbelievably beautiful place in Arabian Peninsula. It has waterfalls, springs, and green mountain ranges on the southern side. And from June to September on its southern side, there are sunny, white sanded beaches. It’s a very popular tourist place and has one of the largest seaports in the Gulf region. There are a number of tourist attractions and some most famous are given below to make your tour memorable.

Mughsail Beach

For the beach lovers, Mughsail beach is a must visit place any time during the year. You will be enchanted by the roaring waves and the beautiful misty mountains. One of the many other reasons that you will love Mughsail beach is Mughsail blowholes at Marneef Cave. To get yourself soaked with water splashes is a unique picnic experience.

After visiting the Mughsail beach, the only regret you will have that why you have not visited this before. A calm and relaxing environment with the cool breeze from the sea will heal your soul and relax your mind. The feelings can’t be described here in words, so let’s plan your next tour to Mughsail beach to enjoy this awesome environment.  

Wadi Darbat

One of the most visited tourist attraction and scenic spot in the Dhofar Region is Wadi Darbat. It has a special attraction for the mountain & spring lovers throughout the year. A great number of tourists visit this breathtaking valley because it offers everything from boating to eating fish and making BBQs for a memorable tour. Green trees, natural greenery, mountains, and lake makes this valley more beautiful. Sometimes you will also see camels & cows grazing. There are also a number of caves in the valley. If you are visiting Salalah & didn’t visit Wadi Darbat, your visit is incomplete.

Tomb Hazrat Ayub A.S.

In Oman’s Dhofar region, on Jebal Ittin, around 40 kilometers from Salalah the tomb of Hazrat Ayub A.S. is located. There are remains of Hazrat Ayub A.S. in a mosque and tomb. The tomb is located in a small building and one has to walk through a beautiful small garden to reach in the tomb. Just next to the tomb there are walls of a small room that was used for prayer. Many tourists visit this place on daily basis.

Camel footprint of Hazrat Saleh A.S.

According to the Holy Quran, as a miracle of Hazrat Saleh A.S., a camel appeared from nearby mountains. It was killed three days after its appearance by the unbelievers, who refused to recognize the Prophet of Allah SWT. The entire city and inhabitants were destroyed in a severe earthquake, as a punishment. There is a shrine having the footprint of that camel at a bedrock in Salalah. People visit this shrine in very respectful manners as a religious place.

Tomb Hazrat Hood A.S.

Between the beautiful mountain hills and water springs in Dhofar governorate, a 1.5-meter-high and 3-meter-long tomb is claimed to be the tomb of Hazrat Hood A.S. The Prophet Hood (upon him be peace) was sent to Aad tribe in the Ahqaf region.

Salalah in Khareef

Khareef, an Arabic word meaning autumn, is celebrated a period of seasonal weather in the southern Dhofar governorate of Oman. Every year from July to September, during this season, the whole city turns into a green rug. Rain drizzles almost 24 hours a day, the mountains are covered with white fog. Dhofar and its main city Salalah’ weather becomes cool and refreshing, while in the rest of Oman, there is extremely hot weather. So, tourists from Oman and around the world rush to Salalah during these days to enjoy weather and beautiful waterfalls.

Except for the above-mentioned places, there are many other tourist attractions in the Salalah, Oman such as:

  • Wadi Darbat
  • Sultan Qaboos Grand Masjid
  • Taqa city and Cliff at Taqa beach
  • Mirbat Beach
  • Ad Dahariz Beach walk away
  • Ayn Sahalnoot
  • Tawi Atair Sinkhole
  • Salalah Anti-gravity point


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