Beautiful City Rahim Yar Khan- Home Town

Beautiful City Rahim Yar Khan- Home Town

Rahim Yar Khan, the capital of  Rahim Yar Khan District, is the city in South Punjab surrounded by three beauties of nature i.e. river indus, canal view, and cholistan desert.

The city firstly named as “Naushehra”, which was renamed by the ruler of bahawalpur (Nawab Sadiq Khan 4) who gave it the name of his first son, “Rahim Yar Khan”.


Rahim Yar Khan is basically a hot and dry place in summer season while in winter seoson the weather becomes comparably more pleasant but cold and dry. The city also enjoys the Monsoon Season.



A variety of  ethnicities founds here. Different languages are spoken in the city such as Punjabi, Saraiki, Urdu, Sindhi.


National Highway covering Karrachi, Lahore, Peshawar passes by the city. It also have an airport and a railway line. Now-a-days, Daewoo also serves the city.


Degree institutions are present there such as Khawaja Fareed University, sub-campus of Islamia University Bahawalpur, Women Degree College. A government medical college of Punjab, named as Sheikh Zayed Medical College, also serves the students.


Rahim Yar Khan is included in the largest producers of cotton. Unilever, one of the leading international brands, has one of its factory outlet here. A very popular Ettihad sugar mills is based in the city.


Sheikh Zayed Hospital, inaugurated by the Sheikhs of Arab, and other private clinics serves the citizens.


The city also adds to the tourism of the country as many historical places are crowned here.

Patan minara

It is said that Patan Minara was taken as a buddhist temple. It was designed during Mauryan period. Once, there was a myth that some gold is being digged there. A ruler of bahawalpur, colonel minchin, sent a team to find out the mystery. But a swam of bees killed all the workers. Now-a-days, there were only ruins are present.

Bhong Masjid

Internationally, it is recognized as the 6th most beautiful Mosque in the world. It was built by Abbasins. On the wall of Mosque, the verses of  Holy Quran are written with gold.

Adam Sahaba          

Here are the two graves of  scribes of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), who came back to Sindh from Saudi Arabia to spread Islam.

Abu Dhabi Palace

The Sheikhs of Arab had built their private residency, named as Abu Dhabi Palace, where they came for spending holidays and hunting animals.


Rahim Yar Khan is basically a desert region irrigated by Indus River. Desert is used as the picnic spot for the citizens. It also attracts tourists towards it.








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