Abu Dhabi Heritage Village

Abu Dhabi Heritage Village

One of the most family friendly, free of cost, without any entry fees and welcoming all place in UAE is Abu Dhabi Heritage Village. It is a reconstructed model village & interesting cultural attraction that presents the pre-oil era and lifestyle of the United Arab Emirates. Life was very difficult there before becoming Abu Dhabi a modern and luxurious town because it was only a small village of fishermen. Reconstituted workshops of artisans, shops of craft products and museum based on a few rooms is the simplest model of the old village. Many tourists and visitors visit the Abu Dhabi Heritage village on a daily basis because visiting this heritage village gives a sense and feeling of those tough and difficult days.

The heritage village includes all the major elements of the traditional gulf life such as to repel the invaders from the sea, a fort, to sale/purchase goats and dates a souq (market) and the most important to present the religious history of the gulf, a mosque. Many local exhibitions such as weaving or glass blowing are also arranged in the heritage village. There are Bedouin tents with hot Arabic tea. Arabic horses, camels, and goats are displayed there, which is a great attraction for families and especially for kids.

Many local products such as silver jewelry, traditional clothes and many other handmade items can be purchased from the traditional market (souq). Some stalls offer traditional henna with amazing Arabic blend.

For really curious and history-loving travelers, the Abu Dhabi Heritage Village is highly recommended and must go place. Through restored and reconstructed models, it shows the old picture of the modern UAE. It is the memoir that presents the history, evolution, and journey of an ethnic Arabic village to such a wonderful city. Some very rare copies of the holy Quran, traditional jewelry and weapons are kept in the museum.  

You will be amazed by barasti (palm-leaf) house, which is designed very professionally to catch the breeze through the palm leaf uprights, and an ox-drawn well, which was indispensable for a settled life there. Another ancient irrigation system model, Falaj which is functioning and used to water the plants. In falaj system stones are used to divert water.

Though the nomadic life has disappeared from the modern UAE still most Emiratis proudly claim that they are desert descent. To stay connected to their roots, they like camping in goat-hair tents, similar to displayed in the Abu Dhabi Heritage Village. Many families own camel farms in the desert and they actively participate in camel racing, as camels play a significant role in the country’s identity. A huge share of tourism in the UAE is because of its deserts. A great number of tourists visit UAE for desert Safaris because UAE’ deserts are very famous in the world.

The Abu Dhabi Heritage Village is a must visit place for the tourists and travelers who want to explore the roots and history of the region and also for the tourists who prefer to visit with their families, friends or in groups.

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