5 Hacks to make your travel budget friendly

5 Hacks to make your travel budget friendly

Planning a trip within a small looking budget is a real deal! Is it not difficult to make the most our of a trip over a seemingly low budget? Indeed it can be, unless your trip is well planned and researched.

It is completely possible to plan an amazing trip with maximum fun and minimum budget. All you have to do is to focus on small details, that one usually let’s go off. Here I have listed out five hacks, that would let you have all the fun in a more pocket friendly budget –

Off the season, off the inflation!

Well, of course! Everybody wants to travel during the holidays. Larger tourist crowds at that time make the whole trips costlier and crowded. You, at such times, can be smart. Take a few days leave from work and plan a trip.

Travelling off season on a trip can save you a huge deal! The prices on an off season are completely normal. They might just save you from getting bankrupt over a trip! Another advantage of off-season travel is the tourists. There are none! Why would you not want to spend a crowd free trip within your budget?!

Accommodation- Not a problem anymore!

Trust me, there are a million ways to save up on accommodation! One, you don’t even have to spend on costly hotels rather try couch surfing. Couch surfing has become very normal lately, at a lots of tourist locations. There are online portals to opt for couch surfing. You get to stay for free with the natives and know more about the locales.

Booking, in advance is a good way to minimize hotel http://www.safeerhotels.com/safeer-plaza/costs. But the catch is, you don’t usually plan a trip for so long in advance. In such case, you should try comparing the costs of various hotels on various sites. They might just help you to find the cheapest option.

The Food – This is where the wealth lies !

The hotel you check in might have a delicious menu. But the prices are skyrocketing at the same time! Don’t let food be your reason to run out of money. Making food for yourself is a great cost saving option! Find a hotel or a hostel with an attached kitchen and you will know how much of a difference it makes!

Although, if you are a foodie and want to explore the food scene, we have got a way for you too, Head to the streets! Street food is the perfect representation of the local cuisines. The touch of nativity is served at a very low and reasonable cost. Fear of expenses and craving for taste, both are balanced over here.


When it comes to travelling to a specific tourist destination, I’d suggest you do proper research about the cheapest and the most time effective mode. But there is a high possibility of you spending more on moving around the local area of the tourist destination.

Well, there is one easy way to cut costs in this case. Public transport! Yes, we do normally choose private transport like cabs or rented cars. But, public transports like buses and trains do have an own beauty to themselves. You have a chance of meeting new and exciting people every minute! If are an extrovert or even just interested in people, public transport is a great option to explore.

Travel agencies

Yes, we have heard this lot of times that travel agencies are costlier because of their commission charges. But you would be surprised. They are much cheaper! A travel agency plans the whole travel route for you at a much lower cost. They have lesser clients and deeper tie ups with transport companies.

Many travel agencies today plan full-fledged trips to exotic tourist spots. If you choose to travel through one of those plans, you have made a wise choice. Here, everything is planned out for you in advance! Your accommodation, food, local logistics, return and everything you would worry about, is already planned. You just have to pay a sum of the quoted amount to the agency in advance. But do not worry, it is way cheaper than what you would spend on a lone expedition.

Tricks to keeping you travel in budget are many. Now that you know of them, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip in your budget and enjoy without any financial concerns!

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